How To Plan A Gaiety For Your Employees at Company Gala Dinner

It is the office party season again, and the employees are looking forward to some fun organised by their company. If you don’t want to disappoint your hard working employees, it is time to get started with arrangements for a gala dinner. You have many options to make the arrangements easy going, while the big expectation are making the planning difficult for you. Besides, a good plan of months will bring a glitzy night with beautiful dresses, enthusing music and a team of employees enjoying the glamour of party together. Arrange your company gala dinner like this:

Like any other Event, Decide the Date:
A company gala party also begins from finding out a right date for the big day. This part will need some attention of all the other important people involved. Find out what will be the most convenient day, when everyone is available with no major work pending at the desk.

Budget and Allocation:
Get your budget approved from the authority, and start working with it. Allocate the amount for various uses. You will need it majorly for these reasons:

  •   Hiring a nice company party venue
  •   Catering facility
  •   Entertainment Arrangement
  •   Transportation from office to venue, and back to office

Choose Your Options:
Many judgments are to be made while planning this event. And selecting a right company party venue in London is crucial in making it a successful event. Your choice of venue will depend on transportation convenience, budget and number of guests invited. Reflect on these questions:

  • On what scale are you planning this event?
  • How will your guests reach there?
  • Is the venue optimum for the number of guests you plan to invite?
  • Are there aids to support the entertainment part of the event?
  • How do you plan to go about with catering?
  • How do you plan to make it popular?
  • When is the right time to declare the dates?
  • What all features are you planning to include to this day?
  • What will be the entertainment on this gala night?
  • Plan this day with everything considered. Start from planning the day with these crucial decisions.

Entertainment Feature:
It is a Gala night, usually informal or at least semi-formal company party. You will need a good entertainment for this night. Arrange a high soaring night with DJ, or a live band playing for the night. Give a dancing space to the guests, as they are sure going to want to shake their legs. A gala night is incomplete without a good music and dance. Catering Concern: You need a good caterer for the party. It will be most convenient to find the catering facility with the venue. Check the catering facility with the party venue you plan to hire. You don’t need an elaborate menu for this event. Keep it short and delicious with appetizers, salad, main dishes, dessert and a few drinks that goes well with the music and dancing. If you have dealt with all these concerns, then congratulations, you are almost there for a successful gala dinner night, which your employees will love.  

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